Strategic Visual Support

BICSampleGridYou’ve heard that it’s the journey, not the destination. In the business world, it’s both. Barrier Island Consulting provides customized live illustration services to help make your journey more efficient.

When you’re working with a team or simply working through a complex situation, sometimes all you need is an extra set of ears and hands to help visualize the process and give it some traction. Barrier Island Consulting provides the outside facilitation or a “silent scribe” to give you greater insight and ultimately solve problems more efficiently.

When collaboration, cooperation, learning and efficiency are top priorities, bringing in strategic illustration allows the group to focus on the task at hand, make new connections, and develop stronger solutions. Adding large-scale graphics to a discussion can change perspectives, clarify expectations, validate your decisions and leave you with a tangible reference for future activity.

The idea of integrating graphics seems simple, and is backed with science, specific strategies and anecdotal evidence. Contact Barrier Island to find out if strategic illustration can help you create better decisions.