About Susan Epperson

Susan Epperson

Susan Epperson is the owner and principal designer at Barrier Island Consulting. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University, Susan started her career in Marketing & Advertising as a trade show & media manager for the United States Pharmacopeia. She traveled the country working with pharmacists, physicians and chemists using print media and creating events that focused on improving patient care and communication.

After logging thousands of miles across country and on the Capital Beltway, Susan moved to Richmond, and focused 18+ years at Henrico Federal Credit Union. Her initial responsibilities included marketing, but ultimately her work and leadership led her to retail, training, compliance and operational areas. She spent tremendous effort studying communication styles to find the best ways to clearly explain personal finance to her members and her staff of 42. Some of her most successful projects were the result of the unique visuals she created to explain complex topics.

She unwittingly became a visual practitioner: engaging both sides of her brain, asking critical questions, using divergent thinking, then developing the maps to efficiently troubleshoot and map progress. She uses strategic illustration to uncover the root of a problem or an opportunity and enjoys helping others be more effective in their project management.

Susan’s honest, straightforward approach is tempered with a strong sense of humor and fun. Her core genius is the way she combines her business acumen, love of laughter and artistic talents. Her goal is to always leave something better than how she found it. She is the mother of two amazing boys, and the wife of an incredibly intelligent husband who teaches values based leadership around the United States.