Strategic illustrations are successfully used in a variety of applications with small and large groups in both public and private settings. Choosing the best route for you depends on your objectives and your team.

Graphic Recording with 5 speakers & 2 facilitators.

4′ x 10′ Graphic Recording with 5 speakers & 2 facilitators

Graphic Recording captures the words of the group and allows participants to see what is actually being said. The group’s statements and questions are captured in small nuggets of 2-5 words on a large-scale paper. The recorder draws live as the meeting unfolds, acting as a “silent scribe,” speaking up only to ensure that the team’s thoughts are accurately captured. Graphic Recording can also be used to support a keynote speaker, giving the group an illustrated “group memory” for a specific event or presentation.

Graphic Facilitation combines strategic illustrations with facilitation skills. Live, large-scale illustrations are created in front of a group allowing the group members to think more dynamically as the facilitator moves the group toward a common objective. The facilitator spends time before the meeting preparing an orderly but flexible process model that: 1. allows the group to efficiently collaborate 2. creates opportunity for all members to contribute and 3. allows for the discovery of new insights by the group.

Sketchnotes are smaller versions of graphic recording where the illustrator will also share personal insight and perspectives. The addition of personal perspectives and the size of the art are the greatest distinctions between Graphic Recording and Sketchnoting. Often, sketchnote artists are hired to attend workshops and conferences to create a distinct piece of informational art for attendees to keep as a reference or souvenir.

Custom illustration used for unique stationery.

Custom Illustration used for unique stationery

Custom Illustrations are used in a wide variety of situations. These illustrations serve a particular purpose and provide a unique and engaging way to represent complex data, support a distinct point of view or present an accepted idea in a new way. Custom illustrations may be used in conjunction with other strategic illustrations, but are not created in front of a live audience.