Researchers believe that at least 60% of us are “visual learners.” We process information visually using drawings, models and colors. Graphic recording and facilitation uses illustrations, colors and interactive communication processes to help people learn more, improve comprehension, think creatively and make better decisions.

If you ever thought, “Hmmm…I know I took notes on that discussion. I think I even wrote his comment at the bottom of the page…on the right hand side,” it’s likely that you learn visually as well. But, even if you don’t learn that way, it’s likely that your team, your co-workers or your friends do. By using graphic recording and facilitation, you generously provide a way to help them understand what you want and you give them an easy way to collaborate and improve your outcomes.

You have probably used graphic recording or facilitation already. If you’ve ever sketched out an idea, created a mind map, or grabbed a white board with dry erase markers, then you understand that using visuals can improve strategy and tactics.

IMG_2135A graphic recorder listens for key concepts, organizes them and takes notes for you, in a very graphical and visual way. Graphic recording is an objective reflection of the spoken words.

A graphic facilitator uses meeting facilitation skills with graphics and illustrations to interact with a group and bring the group to a defined point in a process.

Barrier Island Consulting provides the organization and visuals that help you make better decisions. When collaboration, cooperation, learning and efficiency are top priorities, bringing in strategic illustration allows the group to focus on the task at hand, make new connections, and develop stronger solutions. Adding large-scale graphics to a discussion can change, clarify, and validate perspectives, leaving you with a tangible reference for future activity.

The idea is simple, and is backed with both science and anecdotal evidence. Contact Barrier Island and find out if graphic recording and facilitation can help you reach your goals more effectively than a standard meeting.

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